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About Our Services

At Massage Remedies we often see clients who have been told ‘you have x condition’ or ‘you have a weak x’, but what next! Our clients want to know how they can return to normality, what they can do to manage or relieve the condition, when they can train or exercise, or simply need a relaxing massage.

After you are taken through a detailed consultative process, we provide a road to recovery through massage and soft tissue manipulation. As an aid to continual progression we provide advice on stretching and exercise programmes helping to create mental and physical wellbeing. Massage Remedies delivers a bespoke service to satisfy the individual client needs offering:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage  
Each service includes a client consultation and tailored after-care advice.  Massage Remedies operate an appointment only system through a mobile service delivered at the client’s home or our studio.


"A shoulder injury left me 4 months out of Taekwondo training and finding it painfull to sleep on my side.  A 4 week course of once a week massage therapy, and personalised stretches and training regime has enabled me to return to action.  I'd gladly recommend Massage Remedies to anyone and will do so soon!"  Eugene Asare, IT Analyst ,Taekwondo practitioner 

"Massage Remedies is absolutely fantastic. Senior Massage Therapist, Clive, gave me brilliant advice during my pregnancy and showed me ways that I can work through my lower back pain. His massages where both relaxing and effective, I would therefore recommend him to anyone."  Kubi Springer, Marketing & Media Specialist

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is about creating physical and mental balance. It takes a 360 degree examination of the clients’ lifestyle and medical history. Using the hands, Swedish massage covers the manipulation of the entire body from your head to the soles of your feet.  

At Massage Remedies the client has the choice of whatever part of the body they want massaged and will be advised accordingly during the Client Consultation.



  • Relief of muscle pains and tension
  • Improve circulation – increase the rate of blood flow and therefore nutrients around the body
  • Encourage reduction in blood pressure and heart rate Improve the removal of toxins from the body
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulate and relax the nervous system
  • Skin exfoliation  


  • Relaxation
  • Lower anxiety and stress levels
  • Increase a feeling of well being
  • Renewal of energy
Deep Tissue Massage

In contrast to Swedish massage which benefits the superficial muscles, Deep Tissue massage benefits the under lying (deeper) muscles fibres.

After a Deep Tissue massage the clients after effects varies from feeling more energised, like you done a work out and your muscles have opened up.


Deep Tissue Massage provides all of the benefits of Swedish massage but also concentrates on:
  • Increasing elasticity of the muscle fibres
  • Increasing circulation and blood flow
  • Improving posture
Sports Massage

Through preventative, remedial therapy and rehabilitation delivered as massage, stretching and exercise programmes sports massage is a necessity for any athlete, dance or sports person.

With sessions lasting for a minimum of half an hour, clients can book appointments with Massage Remedies at their sports club, place of practice or performance.


Sports massage is designed to deliver the following benefits to the athlete, dancer or sports person:  

  • Maintain the optimum physical conditioning of the whole body
  • Prevent loss of flexibility in soft tissue and joints
  • Rehabilitate injured muscle tissue
  • Aid better performance and recovery
  • Extend the athletes good health and career